On World Refugee Day, a Call for Companies to Do the Right Thing

Have you ever employed a person simply to give them a chance?

Have you ever looked at your organisation and recognised you could add another person for ethical, rather than basic business, reasons?

Have you ever felt you are not doing enough for the refugees fleeing something you will never experience, who are looking to start a new life despite the obvious barriers in their way?

Have you ever thought that giving someone else an opportunity may not only benefit them but will also create a sense of fulfillment and more commitment within your organisation?

It’s easier to ignore these…

(Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels)

Why It Means More to Get a B (Corp) Grade

Imagine if humanity and nature got together to examine how responsible every person in the world was.

Not against how good you can present yourself in an interview, but in absolutely everything you do. EVERYTHING. Now imagine during the process you realise you can’t bluff their questions with a jazzed-up CV and a couple of promises that you’re good because you prefer organic food, donate to charity, or drive an electric car. Because humanity and nature demand that you provide evidence for absolutely all of your actions before you can be hired. ALL OF THEM.

How would you perform?


4 Wax Bases in 8 Years: The Story Behind Our Candle Collection Journey

Our journey to find the right wax base for the Skandinavisk candle collection took us around the world and back and revealed some uncomfortable secrets beneath the surfaces along the way.

(The following is a transcript of the video above.)

Today I’m going to talk to you about wax and our journey to finding the right wax base for our new collection. Because there are a lot of different wax bases available, and we’ve used most of them.

1. Paraffin

In 2013, when we launched, we used a classic paraffin wax base. Paraffin is pretty much the most popular wax base…

Scandinavia & America: Love & Misunderstanding

It’s no secret the United States of America gets a disproportionate amount of world attention relative to its size, not least in an election year as hysterical and troubling as this one.

We know the names of more of its politicians, governors, mayors, even judges than we do our own domestic kind. We avidly read its news sites, watch its news channels, follow its opinion leaders, all via its tech platforms. We’re sponges, satellites, and amplifiers of its many strengths and its weaknesses.

But it doesn’t work the other way round, and herein lies the problem.

There are some places…

As Humanity Adapts to One Crisis, Let’s Not Forget the Bigger Challenges for a Sustainable Future

(Photo by Nils Nedel on Unsplash)

Four months ago, as the European coronavirus crisis reached its peak, I wrote a post with the message: “We didn’t come this far to only come this far.”

Almost all our retailers had closed, our suppliers had closed, our office was closed, I was back at my kitchen table, and our small team was suspended, furloughed, fired, or desperately trying to save the company. “Normal” had been ripped away from us, and it suddenly looked like seven years of hard work were about to come undone by a giant black swan event.

We weren’t alone.

Fast-forward to now and our…

When it’s 100% organic? When some of its ingredients are certified organic? When its formula is certified organic? Or when the word ‘organic’ is used liberally all over its packaging?

It’s confusing.

For a start, water (aqua) can’t be classified as organic because it can not be renewably farmed, so that rules out 100% organic claims for most cosmetic categories already.

For seconds, unlike food, there is currently no law restricting the use of the word ‘organic’ in cosmetics. This means products may appear to be organic even if only one minor ingredient is certified. (You can usually check this…

As humanity adapts to one crisis, let’s not forget the bigger storm ahead

The storm ahead

Three months ago, as the European corona crisis reached its peak, I wrote a post with the message ‘we didn’t come this far to only come this far’.

Almost all our retailers had closed, our suppliers had closed, our office was closed, I was back at my kitchen table, and our small team was either suspended, furloughed or fired, or desperately trying to save the company. …

Learning to Walk the Talk in Search of the Next Generation

By Shaun Russell

I was talking to a Copenhagen shopkeeper the other day, someone whose business has clothed my wife for the past 10 years.

She said the reason people buy fashion has turned upside down in the space of just a few seasons. It used to be to look good, attend a party, or treat oneself. But now people ask themselves, do I really need another dress? Is it responsibly made? Where do the materials come from? If I buy it, am I part of the problem or the solution?

The questions are not restricted to fashion. Genetically modified…

Shaun Russell

I believe a more Scandinavian approach to life is better for all, and founded skandinavisk.com in 2012 to inspire others. Certified B Corporation from 2019.

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